Ali Gholami is committed to our vision of the Cycle of Freshness.

Our ethical values are rooted deeply within the business and we are proud of our environmental and sustainability credentials. Being a primarily fresh fruit and vegetable business we have a social responsibility to both the environment and our suppliers. By upholding these responsibilities we can ensure our business continues to grow into the future in a sustainable way.

We provide a daily am delivery service with products picked to individual customer requirements. Our success derives from our competitive prices, excellent quality, and customer-led attitude towards service.

Own Fleet – Temperature Controlled & Hygienic

With decades of experience in temperature-controlled logistics, Ali Gholami is able to meet the highly specific requirements for storage, handling, and transport of fresh food and produce, such as temperature, atmosphere, and relative humidity.

Furthermore we have great experience in support services, including packaging and repacking of fruit & vegetables, ripening rooms, packaging return centers and crate washing.